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Mitch Webber

Ambassador for Launch You

Launch You has allowed me to build three businesses around the things that matter most to me: my wonderful wife, our life out here in Portugal, our love of travelling.

It's great to help others and watch as they transform their lives with a modern online business education relevant to today's digital world.


We envision a world where, once again, older people are at the top of the “respect’ pyramid – they are valued for their experience and understanding. And because they are valued, they can earn what their experience is worth.

Older people are sought after and rewarded emotionally and financially.

  • This gives them back their pride.
  • Their drive.
  • Their ability to really enjoy life when they are older.
  • They are financially secure (to the level they dictate)
  • They are respected by Family, Offspring, Friends – society at large
  • They feel that they are valuable and have a role to play
  • Because they are valuable – and do have a key role to play


We re-boot lives.

We empower older people to regain their rightful place in society by harnessing modern digital skills and using them to maximise the benefits of their experience.

To once again be seen as the “go-to” person that they once were – that they always wanted to be for their wife, husband, kids, grand kids and friends. For themselves.

We help people uncover their purpose and by delivering that personal purpose, assist them to regain and enjoy their rightful place in modern society. A society where the fact that you have “been round the block a few times” counts for something.


What we do

  • We show people that they are valuable and have so much to offer.
  • That they are the authority in the areas in which they have spent time.
  • Time in a career, time with a hobby – or time learning their way through life’s bumps and challenges.
  • We teach them how they can overcome their digital concerns and harness the internet to maximise the benefits of their experience.

How we do it

  • We show them how they can take their existing experience/skills/knowledge from work, life or a hobby - and use those to position themselves as the authority in their chosen endeavour.
  • We show them how they can dominate in their specific niche – and how, by owning that specialist segment, they indeed become an authority.
  • We show them how to work online. How straight-forward it is these days.
  • We supply them with all the tools (in one place) that will enable them to get started. From Zero digital knowledge to an online presence earning an income.
  • And by doing this, we help them regain respect, an income, a sense of purpose and freedom to enjoy life in the way that they always wanted.

This way they can become one of the Modern Wealthy

  • You build a system online that works for you
  • You focus on one specific niche and you own that
  • You create an income stream from 1,000 customers worldwide - who are after exactly what it is you are offering
  • You build it as big as you want and live in this new, secure digital environment.


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